"Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child, as it is to the caterpillar."

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Thank you Russell! Specially for acknowledging that Obama hasn’t been a better president for international affairs than his predecessors… I don’t know why so many people are still blinded by his big smiles, charisma and buddy like stance. Really, aren’t people listening and seeing the things his government is doing?

I love love love this! <3 YES YES YES the boys are back in town!:D

SO GOOD! Can’t wait for season two, even though some things could be better, like you sometimes see they don’t have the money to be as good as they could be. But once you see Josh Hartnett and Eva Greens mad acting skills nothing else matters really… and I always thought Josh Hartnett was an average actor… well I think I seriously underestimated him. The man can act!
Eva Green has always been a person that was on the verge of getting on my nerves, I think it has to do with the way she speaks, always felt a bit unnatural or something, that hasn’t changed… but I just respect her acting so much now, it makes me forget everything else…

This is definitely one of my fav series now!

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that awesome feeling when you know that despite not talking to a friend everyday or even after a very long time that you’re both still cool


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u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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The first time I saw the trailer I must say I wasn’t really impressed… the second time I thought “this will either be pretty cool or really really bad…”
So now that I saw it I can say: I AM GROOT! which means I really really loved it! It is funny, witty and it has pretty beautiful emotional moments, some are cheesy but man I don’t think there has been a movie that had me crying of sadness and then of laughter in just a question of seconds…

Some oneliners are just way too awesome and you can never do something wrong ending your movie with a Jackson 5 song…

Oh and Rocket and Groot just make me way too happy! :) <3

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